Comodo not updating virus table

I have just uninstalled Comodo Internet Security 10 completely and reinstalled as nothing updated for the last 5 days. I still cannot update anything so will have to choose some other firewall and antivirus

Hi john_01792,
May you please share following details:

  1. OS build and version as seen via winver.exe
  2. Version of Internet Explorer installed?
  3. Can you ping


I don’t use Internet explorer as my browser, only Firefox . Please see attached screen shots

Please do following and see if it helps:
In CIS v10, you could use following:

  • Go to “Settings → General Settings → Updates” and click on “Proxy and Host Settings” and change download URL to http as shown in enclosed snap and again try to update.

Please also share version of CIS you have installed.

I had the latest version, then uninstalled and installed the version in screen shot attached. I have had to pause this as it seems to be stuck on 89% and taking up 100% CPU usage.

Hi john_01792,
Let me PM you to investigate further.


I thought I had given you all information in screen shots. I am finding all this a bit much , so will install another firewall

Well, sorry. Windows XP SP3 has a known issue with updates in older version of Comodo Internet Security / Firewall.
So if you use http based download link or latest v10, it should fix update problem you initially mentioned.

If it doesn’t, we need to investigate further.

You don’t understand, the latest version of Comodo was working fine up until about a week ago and was presumably using the defaul https url as I had not changed anything. The only reason I am trying previous version was because the latest one stopped updating. Also I was using Comodo for years with Windows XP SP3 without any significant problems. The main problems seem to have started when upgrading from version 8 to version 10

Old version won’t be able to update and will work with http only.
Regarding newer version v10, to understand you right, following is the problem with v10?

Updates are usually CPU intensive, specially when there are lot of updates. Did you wait for it to finish?


Same problem reported here;new#new