Comodo Not Updating - Missing File

I just received a notice that my comodo has updates available but when going through the process it says that there is a file missing? ??? I attached the message to this thread; hopefully this isn’t going to be a problem.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Oh and I hope I placed this thread in the right place in the forums ;D.

Yep, seems borked. :stuck_out_tongue:


vendor.sha : the system cannot find the file specified

Firewall will not Update

Borked ???. So do I look at Valentinchen’s post on one of your links and it will fix the problem?

Borked is just another way of saying broken.

I don’t believe Valentinchen’s solution will help.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Trusted Software Vendors. Do you see a long list, or just a few vendors? If you have the long list, installing it again won’t help.

Edit: Looks like they’ve either fixed it or the servers were just getting hammered. My update just went through.

Ah, yea, I guess there servers were hammered lol :P. My update went through too. Thanks for your help though.