Comodo not trusting itself?

See the attached image. A Comodo signed component is detected by CIS as unknown even though it’s signed by Comodo Security Solutions digital signature and wants to submit its own file to itself. It’s almost like inception!

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It is signed by a trusted vendor so it is allowed to run just fine. It probably just hasnt been submitted to the cloud which i dont see a problem with.

No, it’s actually listed under “Unrecognized” files. That can’t be right.

And when I’ve wanted to add it to a trusted list, it said it’s already on it. Ok, then why is it UNRECOGNIZED !?

What version of CIS do you have installed? It’s listed under Trusted here.

File lookup just check the file status on “cloud” , it is not check the Trusted Vendor List.
Go and click on this file, it will run fine (w/o sandbox)… It is digitally signed and it is into TVL so no need to mark this kind of trusted files as safe on cloud. Remember again, lookup only checks file’s cloud status
This is the best answer for you :-TU

Then what’s the TVL list for then? I made a file lookup later, because the file was already listed as UNRECOGNIZED in the Comodo desktop widget. Otherwise I wouldn’t even notice it.
So, why is TVL not doing it’s job and a Comodo’s own file needed to be submitted to them and was sitting there as UNRECOGNIZED file? You haven’t really answered me anything…

Could you check the certificate of the file to check if it expired or something like that?

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It’s still valid.