Comodo not Stealthing ports?

GRC is showing 3 of my ports as Open - 26, 80, and 443. Up until yesterday I had McAfee installed and these ports were NOT open. I thought I was doing a good thing and upgrading to Comodo.

I installed Comodo, and ran the Stealth Ports wizard, and chose “Block all incoming connections, stealth my ports to everyone”. Oh and I made sure that my Vista firewall was turned off, rebooted, etc

A few ports are showing as Stealthed, the vast majority are Closed, and these 3 are Open. What do I have to do to first of all get these ports at least closed and best case Stealthed? And why doesn’t the Stealth Ports Wizard take care of this?

Thank you!

I would double check what you did with the steps shown in this guide:

Hello Tangosdad,

Can you tell us how your network setup, if you have a router in front of your PC that you are probably scanning your Router with GRC, port 80 and 443 as open does suggest a webserver and a secure SSL webserver are active on your system, are you running those services ?