Comodo not starting

Windows version:
Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1 Installed from windows update)

Comodo V
AVG version and virus db version
7.5.519 | 269.22.1/1350
Spyware Terminator

Fired up this morning and got no Comodo Icon after several minutes. (and nothing in task manger)
Starting manually worked with no odd messages.
Also The AVG control center Icon was missing (but avgcc.exe showed up in Task manager)

Be sure Spyware Terminator HIPS is off. Also Spyware Terminator has become very bloated. I use SuperAntiSpyware free on demand only. I also use Avast 4.8 which covers my real time spyware. Try uninstalling Spyware Terminator and seeing what happens.

Looking around the forum I see a lot of stuff about installing CPF3 in administrator mode under Vista, this may be more to do with it or the upgrade to SP1. I didnt notice any problems before the upgrade
To be honest I have seen all the stuff about SWT using loads of CPU, but I have never had that problem.