Comodo not starting up on system start?

I saw a similar topic on this page but I’m not sure it’s the same.

When I turn on the PC, there is no CIS icon in system tray. If I check processes, cfp.exe is running. If I double click on the desktop shortcut, comodo window appears. It appears like I would run it from the system tray, from the bottom right corner. But I want the icon to appear automatically.

I have recently disabled all applications at startup in msconfig, because of some internet problems, but then I allowed again. Comodo is also allowed to start up, also in it’s own settings.

How to fix it?

That’s a Windows related issue. Read this for reference: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

I’m having the worst problem that the icon does not appear in the tray system of no way follow the link suggested by the moderator yet the icon does not appear so I can configure comodo internet security, unfortunately I have to uninstall the program and acquire other I found no solution to the problem in the forum, because there is no other way to configure comodo without the tray icon, or do you have? :-[

You mean you can not see comodo systray icon? Do you have systray problems? Youc an read this its very interesting and long article: Online Poker And Real Money

As for any comodo product it can be manually configure if you run the application. Double clicking and running it selecting the application in which you want to adjust and just click fromt here. Its more clicking about 3-4 extra clicks but it does allow you to adjust settings.

Sometimes just double clicking and running the application will cause the systray icon to pop up. I have had this happen to me on some computers and just ran the application then it pops up then I just close it.

It is an XP problem. I had it as well and my solution was to get a free utility called StartupDelayer and delay the loading of the Comodo gui by 10 seconds. Even if the icon does not show at startup, you can still double click the desktop icon to get to the configuration options. After clicking the desktop, the tray icon will also appear and will stay until the next reboot. Another option is to remove the -h switch at the end of the registry startup entry for Comodo. The -h stands for hide and if that is removed, the Comodo GUI screen will come up at startup thus ensuring that the tray icon will also appear.

The only problem with using the StartupDelayer utility is (as I found out) that you have to make sure it is either uninstalled or that it’s control over CIS is turned off before you attempt to uninstall CIS. If it is still active, the uninstall process of CIS will not complete correctly and you will have to remove some things manually.

It is not only a Windows XP problem, it is also a change somewhere in CIS that is triggering the XP glitch. My problem with the tray icon not appearing only started with the release of v4 and was not present in any of the previous versions. I suspect that the introduction of the sandbox element somehow is responsible since that would definitely change the loadup process of CIS and is the single biggest change from the 3.xxxx versions.

:-TU OK the solution is this:
The main cause of the more common problem is that the systray program is temporarily unable to process icon inclusion requests. An earlier hypothesis, that systray.exe is loaded too late, has been refuted by Thomas Gregory Platt (see his email below).