Comodo not responding

Latest Version of Comodo
Win XP Home

Under Pro Active Defense, if i click on (X) files are waiting for your review, Comodo stops responding and I have to reboot to get out of it. Task Manager won’t end task.

I’ve done it a dozen times and no change.

Any ideas?

I’ve read today on another forum that patience is needed for this issue. Once it stops responding, leave it, apparently it comes right. Took the user involved about twenty minutes, though. After 20min, then a reboot, all was good.

There can be a large lag between clicking anything and the expected result occuring. This seems to be centred around how many objects you’re trying to do something with (Lookup, Submit, Purge, etc.). I’m yet to experience anything like 20 minutes, but a 5 minute lag has occured when I was manipulating a large number (say 200 or so) of files.

Did this lag or hang occur when you were working with a large number of objects or a small number?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I don’t know if it’s a lag. As far as I could tell, Comodo was locked up. Control Alt Delete does nothing. Just get a not responding message.

I checked another computer and the information pops up immediately.

Oh well, I’ll work it out.

I appreciate the comments.

Had the same problem. Only powering off the computer works.

For me, the problem appeared to be related to Defense+. The basic firewall installation did not cause me any lock-up issues. However, I’ve hit so many glitches with Pro 3 that I’ve removed it from my computer until I get some answers.

I was a big fan of the previous version under XP (I now run Vista Home) and I also run BOClean and their Verification Engine.

So far, you could say that I am disappointed!



Well, I’ve gone back to the previous version which works fine.

I have to check a third computer to see if it experiences the same problem.