Comodo not recognizing Mozilla SeaMonkey

Okay so this has to do with not only the firewall, but also Dragon. The firewall automatically found Dragon and IE9 and added them to the Show Browsers pane in the widget. But it did not find SeaMonkey (Mozilla’s internet suite, the evolution of the old Netscape Communicator Suite). And when I tried to import bookmarks and settings. into Dragon, the only option it gave me was IE. So apparently no part of Comodo can recognize Mozilla SeaMonkey as a browser. This is frustrating to say the least. All my bookmarks, passwords, etc., are all from SeaMonkey as that is my primary browser (and email client, and web authoring tool) and has been for many many years. In fact I started with Communicator back in the 90s and have been using it and it’s replacements, now called SeaMonkey, ever since. I’d like to start using Dragon and I’d like Comodo to find SeaMonkey and add it to the Show Broswers pane in the Widget so I can launch SeaMonkey in the sandbox as easily as I can Dragon and IE. Just for info, running Win 7 x64. So is there any way to get this with the current version (maybe a registry edit?), will this be something that might be added at some point, or am I just SOL?

Hi and welcome marcsayer,
Adding Browsers to the widget has been asked previously, let us hope it does get added in the future.
Widget browser shortcuts

For now you can create a desktop shortcut run Seamonkey virtualised, in step 2 of the link below select Create a virtual desktop shortcut.
Run an Application in the Sandbox

Transferring your bookmarks into Dragon can be done, by exporting your bookmarks to a HTML file from Seamonkey and importing into Dragon from that file.
Export bookmarks Seamonkey
About half way down the page in the below link you will see how to import from the HTML file into Dragon.
Importing And Exporting Bookmarks Dragon

Hope that helps in some way.

Tanks captainsticks.

I realize there are several ways to launch SeaMonkey virtualized. I was just offering the suggestion that other browsers ought to be added automatically. It’s so simple to just click the icon in the widget and it would be nice if that worked for other browsers. Not sure if it is just SeaMonkey that doesn’t get recognized, or if there are other browsers that get “left out in the cold” but it seems like it would be smart to either have it automatically add all browsers or give us a way to simply add other browsers.

And while I did know that I could export my bookmarks to html, I had not yet found the info on importing the html into Dragon, so thanks for that. However, that only gives me bookmarks, not my other settings like passwords etc, which I would get to import from IE. Again it would be nice to not feel like the poor step child. And to be able to see the same benefits that IE users see (and maybe other browser user, again not sure if this is just an issue with SeaMonkey or all other browsers). I get it (don’t like it, but do get it) if it is just SeaMonkey. It is not one of the big powerhouses in browsing and is not just a stand alone browser, so I can see how things might be different/harder with SeaMonkey files and that a relatively small number of people would benefit.

And sadly I just tried the import html feature but it seems to have issues. It will only import part of the html file and fails to get the folder structure for all but one of the subfolders. Even editing the file to delete the parts it did import, and trying to import more, does not work. Not sure what’s going on with that, but it means the import html isn’t really an option either. :frowning:

I didn’t post to bitch, I was just hoping there was some sort of registry hack or something that would give me the same options as IE. And if not, to suggest that the idea of giving the same options to other browsers (in Dragon and Comodo) that are given to IE, seemed like a good idea to me.

Yeah, why you need to not recognize SeaMonkey as web browser, it’s quite a lot more, I’m writing this and all my post from it, and if Netscape and Mozilla Suit/SeaMonkey would have happened it wouldn’t a FireFox, besides SeaMonkey has FireFox core, so i call for more respect to Mozilla SeaMonkey.