comodo not recognised

Hi ,i have been trying all the free firewalls and think comodo is the best but my Mcafee security centre does not recognise it.any ideas?it is recognised by my windows security cenrtre and mcafee has recognised every other firewall ive tried.i have disabled windows firewall and macafee now say i have no firewall.any help appreciated.


Wow and I thought McAfee only detected their own firewall :o (kidding but really thought they did). Anyway you will most likely have to contact McAfee about this becaue McAfee is the maker of that software. Sorry I could not be of further assistance :-\

ok thanks anyway Justin,ill see if Mcafee can help.just strange comodo is the only 1 not recognised.

May I suggest switching your AV to Eset NOD32. It runs great alongside Comodo, and isn’t a resource hog. You might see your pc become faster.
(:WIN) (CWY)

IMO Norton 2007 is really fast on machines now, since they re-wrote about 40 - 50% of the code.

I didn’t like Norton’s bloat but they have fixed that and incorperated a NTFS driver (They use this to scan the drive which means rootkits CAN’T hide from the driver because it accesses the drive directly). Alot of Antivirus products do heavy modifying of the Kernal to achieve this while Norton can avoid that messing around with the kernal because they use their own NTFS driver.

A virus could in theory subvirt norton’s NTFS driver. (But that would mean the user is running as admin).

cheers, rotty

First, just because it’s not recognized doesn’t mean it isn’t there and working. They may have not added it into their program as a recognized firewall or some other small reason, but i’m sure it’s there and working fine. I personally don’t put much faith in program detections of what I have installed or running but understand your concern. However, it’s an alarming issue perse if one doesn’t know why it’s happening but i’m sure you should be fine. :wink: Also, you say you disabled Windows firewall now? You should never have more than one running at a time if the case. As stated, these names have to be in the macafee data base of detection and if not, it simply doesn’t see it. :wink:

I agree that Norton tried to improve but many who bought it are still complaining saying they believed “the hype” and that it’s still a resource hog. As well, it was telling people they had to uninstall other securities in order to be installed. ZA for one, which it wouldn’t have to ask me twice but others as well. I don’t know if the patch is released but many are experiencing 50% to 100% spikes and aren’t happy. Those without the spikes are saying it’s still slow. I will say that the securities are better but from what i’ve read it’s still the same old norton as far as other issues are concerned but if they patch their program, it may improve but I am no norton fan to begin with and use Vcom Fix-it utilities and have for years and “in my opinion” out ranks norton by a mile. The only thing it lacks is a firewall but who cares, I have CPF and won’t use another. Not 1 virus in going on 7 years I believe, Fix it takes little resources and has many utilities to boot. However, depending on CAV, I won’t be buying Fix it if CAV works well. Free v.s 34.00 , I’ll take the free. As well, I am not purposely slamming norton, if they fix these issues or even consider it, that’s a step for people they haven’t taken in a long time and i’m sure many would appreciate. :wink:


I have heard the resounding thoughts on of people that beta tested it and the final version and said it was extremely light, also new versions of products do have problems so i am sure that the 100% and 50% spikes will be fixed.

cheers, rotty