COMODO Not Obeying Application Settings


I searched the forums trying to find an answer to this, but the only post really didn’t explain how it was fixed. I’ve used numerous firewalls before so I’m not utterly clueless.

I’m attempting to host Warcraft III games so I created a rule to allow war3.exe incoming and outgoing connections (see screenshot).

Despite this rule, Comodo is blocking the exact connection I’m trying to allow (see screenshot).

Anyone have any ideas? This is seriously mind boggling that it won’t even listen to it’s own settings

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Do you have any Global rules? Sometimes inbound connections are inadvertently blocked there, since Global Rules are processed before Application Rules for inbound connections.

Thank you so much, there was a rule that was causing issues. This is a little confusing though…

So under the “Stealth Ports Wizard” if you choose the “Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” it creates a rule that blocks all incoming connections. This is a bit of a misnomer on the rule since stealthing is not the same as blocking. Ignoring that, this is a rather unexpected behavior of that option since it overrides your application settings (which seems silly, since application rules require effort to create, therefore they should be obeyed regardless).

What’s even stranger is that if you choose the first option (Define a new trusted network - stealth my ports to EVERYONE else) , it does NOT create this rule but still manages to block unwanted incoming connections.

IMO, the “Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” should not create the global block rule but rather just clear out exceptions to the stealthing… which it currently does not.

This might be as simple as just using “and” instead of a “-” in the stealth ports wizard.

In my post “Strange Issue” i say something similar about SWAT4 server hosting.To be able to host a server i just used the wizard to unstealth me(previously used it to stealth).After this my server was visible but for SWAT 4 i dont really need the TCP inbound(i need only UDPin\out & TCP out rules that can be used for any game in general),so i tried to block inbound TCP in Global rules and when i observed it doesnt work(the messeges about inbound traffic incoming waiting for me to accept or block made may day), i doubled the global rule with a SWAT4 aplication rule having in mind that the global inbound rules are first taken into account and then the aplications.What i want to say is that i was forced to allow Inbound TCP along with UDP because the firewall rejected my explicit rules to block TCP inbound.Having in mind the modularity of the rules in Comodo 3 i would have expected that the rules to make their job like im used to Outpost to do.If its a bug should be solved if its a product limitation ill wait for CFP4 to use on a gaming server, otherwise for my gaming server i will be forced to use another firewall.The firewall is excellent for normal users but a Pro Firewall should be Pro that meaning maximum customization.The Defence + beats to death Outpost series ,detects everything, but in rule customization for the firewall module there are some strange limitations.

To be able to host use the wizard to unstealth and make a rule alow ip all In/Out ANY for everything for WOW exe.Keep in mind that you will be forced to let in the TCP traffic inbound although it may not be needed.