Comodo not loading at Windows startup[RESOLVED]

I have just installed Comodo Firewall and everything is going pretty well, the only problem I am having is that it doesn’t load at Windows startup. When I check the task manager I have cmdagent.exe running but not cpf.exe, its not even in Msconfig (Startup).
I would have thought that it would have started automatically when Windows starts.

Do I have to add it to my Startup folder?.


Hi and welcome! Well first of all, do you have other securities on your pc? Something with HIPS or startup control that may be causing it not to start? You only have one firewall correct? Antivirus that may be blocking it etc…?



Also, check here…although for different version may work.,2728.msg20872.html#msg20872

I have Nod32, Ad-Aware SE Plus, Spybot search & destroy and Spyware Blaster.

I hope this helps.

Thank you. I will look into the Nod32, I thought I remember a couple of instances but not sure. Also, I edited my post above with a link that may help. For whatever reason the startup isn’t looking to cpf.exe. Is it installed into C:\program files\ ??. If you click start, run, type in MSCONFIG and in startup tab see if cpf.exe is listed. It will show CPF then have the path aside from it. if it’ s not checked then you should do so.


Hi again, I ran into quite a few Nod32 deals. I knew I saw them somewhere. Others had problems with N32 keeping firewall icon from tray, etc…What I would suggest is to simply uninstall both , install Comodo firewall, FIRST and then NOD32. I have noticed not only with Comodo but many firewalls that order of install matters. I always install firewalls first since they are what all other programs go through and sometimes when the other way around, other programs will try to keep startup priority. If the shortcut doesn’t work this would be my suggestion and think it would go well.

Hope this helps, if you run into problems, let me know


I did the uninstall-reinstall you suggested and it is still the same, I get the Windows security warning that Comodo Firewall is turned off.

I have been having a problem with the System Configuration Utility starting everytime I start Windows so I wonder if thats part of the problem. I don’t understand why its not in the startup tab of Msconfig.

I will be back to answer you in about 2 minutes, I burned a cheese sandwich in the nuker. lol. I’ll just edit this reply…

Sorry about that, my wife is going to kill me …anyway this makes a load of difference. This is a sign of the Klez virus or others. It’s either that or you have a registry problem on your system. However, many anti virus won’t open a window in this situation and you need to go into safe mode by tapping “typically F8” right from post before windows even begins to load. Do a manual virus scan and see what happens. If not and it’s a registry issue there are fixes. Either way, I may look into using Avast or Comodo as well to do a scan as Nod32 seems to overlook certain viruses . Many anti-virus apps do this and sometimes find myself fixing computers with more than one.


I have a similar problem
It is.when i boot up i get a message saying my computer is at risk because CPF is turned off.Then CPF loads and the message disappears.
So is it possible to have CPF load earlier in the boot sequence.
Thanks and best Regards.

Well, a few things, first, make sure you have the newest 2.4. As well, this happened with me too sometimes “when using 2.3” but I checked and no apps or anything is accessing the internet before Comodo allows, I believe it’s just a startup delay. If you would like, go to Security\Advanced\Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention and you can set it to Block all outgoing connections while booting.

Hope this helps.


NOD user here and haven’t had a single problem using Comodo with NOD. On the NOD help forums at Wilders, I think most NOD users are using this combination. I’ll have a look and see if anyone else is reporting similar problems.

Give me a couple of hours


I downloaded and ran Avast Anti-virus in safe mode and it came back with 0 detections. So could this be a registry problem and Comodo is just one of its victims.

Also I just checked Msconfig and Avast AV isn’t on the startup list yet it loaded on Windows startup, Msconfig is messing with me. >:(

Ok, then it’s in need of fixing. First and easiest thing to do, is to open My computer, right click local disk C:\ properties\tools\check now. A box will open and check both squares to auto fix and scan for …then click start. It will tell you to do this at next boot so click ok, do a restart and let this scan through. i don’t feel this is a NOD32 problem. I think you have some screwy registry. After the scan\fix completes, see if the window still pops up , etc…


Thanks Paul.
Having read previous postings on the subject
I tried first uninstalling CPF and AVG and then reinstalling CPF first and then AVG.
Problem sorted.
Strangely doing this changed the settings i have for desktop and colour of task bar,but easily reset.
Thanks again.
Best Regards

You are quite welcome. There isn’t a lot of documentation on this but fixing pcs for a living , you run into things that aren’t by-the -book all the time. Long story short, I solved a many of ZA issues this way. I feel it’s like this, a firewall is the security that all programs\apps and other securities must go through so for a firewall to work properly, it makes sense for it to be first in line doing the allowing\denying. If another security had authority to access the internet and control programs, then a firewall installed secondly will not\may not work right being controlled by other securities instead of the other way around. Yeah, it’s time for some coffee… i’m getting delirious…

Glad it’s fixed,


I did the scan and the message is still coming up, I am at a loss.
I have even tried a script that is designed to stop this message to no avail.
If doing a repair of Windows is the only option is it possible to backup things such as drivers etc.

Thanks again

Not only is CPF the best firewall there is but the backup from the Forum is absolutely superb.

Hi, sometimes a repair is the only way to go. However there is one more option , if you have your XP disk, or sometimes not required, go to Start\Run\ type in cmd, ok then > sfc /scannow notice the space between the sfc and / . This will sometimes repair damaged files and such. If you have OEM , it still may be possible.

Also to back up drivers… try here…

I don’t know how much data you have to back up or what your system is. Do you have an extra partition? Use it for files\folders etc… If you have the ability, when installing, do what I do, create an extra partition for storage. this way, I don’t have to throw everything to DVD or CD when I reinstall. Well, I use Paragon now but still store my info on a partition and network drive as well as to DVD or CD. If you have OEM I realize this is hard to do but there are free utilities out there to partition an active partition.

If you have to back up to DVD\CD, I would create a large zip folder and then save to the media. No special software needed for it, simply create a zip folder, put your files in it, and burn it to disk.

If you need any help, just let me know.


Thank you rambo, that truly means a lot to me and all the other mods and we truly appreciate it. (:CLP) :Beer (:HUG)

And I agree, CPF is #1 firewall, that’s why they made me a mod, I wouldn’t leave them alone being so happy with it, lol. :wink: :smiley:

Thanks again,


Yes,i can understand that

Thanks for the help it is very much appreciated.

I did the scannow feature and kept getting a message to insert my Windows Home cd or even Professional I gather this is normal. It finished and didn’t tell me to do anything so it must not see anything strange.

My PC is a computer shop built AMD64 3200+ with 1 gig of RAM and apart from this annoyance is running flawlessly, thats why I am hesitant to make big changes. I have a 80 gig main drive and a 20 gig I use for downloads etc so it won’t be hard to backup folders its more the drivers I was concerned about.