Comodo not compatible with Revo

I tried to uninstall Comodo FW via Revo Uninstaller but this won’t work.

See the screenshots here:

I was forced to use Add/Remove Programs (which I hate to do because on my WinXP SP3 system it takes up to 90 seconds for the applet populate itself where Revo is virtually instant).

There is no inherent compatibility issue between Comodo and Revo. I always use Revo to uninstall Comodo. I’ve done this for years.

Well, there is for me, as my screenshot illustrates.

Yes, I believe you have an issue on your system.

I am just saying that there are no inherent incompatibilities between the two applications. I’ve never had an issue between the two (I also run Win XP SP3) and although I know Revo is popular with forum users, this is the first mention I’ve seen of this problem. A Google search also doesn’t turn up anything.

There has to be something else on your system that is interfering in some way. If you boot into safe mode, are you able to uninstall with Revo?

Do the D+ logs show us something? They are under View Defense + Events. Can you post a screenshot of it.