Comodo not able to connect to internet

For some reason, applying the license and updating the program does not work. When I try to manually update, it says that I am not connected to the internet. It’s as if Comodo is denying itself internet (although I haven’t denied anything in alerts yet).

What do you think is the problem and how can it be solved?

Fought with this thing all day. Read quite a few posts about the fact the “out-of-box” configuration should work. Found MY problem. I installed CPF, but couldn’t connect to net. So I decided to, uhmm, well, uninstall my Sygate firewall instead of just disabling it. Reinstalled CPF and voila - works fine without reconfiguring anything. Use auto config on setup. If you’ve used ZoneAlarm or Norton, (and possibly others) be sure your registry is CLEAN of them! Especially Norton. Older versions of their products had uninstall problems - ie. didn’t remove all registry entries. Good luck.