Comodo - no more

I have become rapidly tired of the comodo pop-ups that ask you to either allow or block some particular item - and then refuses to do what you ask and comes back and back repeatedly. I needed some help and wanted someone to take control of my computer but every time that they tried i got a comodo pop up where I told it to allow the incoming control - but did it ? Not likely. At an approximate count it repeatedly came back in the region of 36 times with the same message after being told to allow it and with the “remember my answer” box ticked each time. In the end it would not allow control to be delegated and I had to pack it up. This is not the first time by a long chalk but it is the last. Life is too short to waste as much time as I seem to have to do to either block or allow something. I’ll get some other firewall

If this was because D+, you could have set D+ to training mode

doubtful are you shore that was always the same alert? could be the same app tempting to connect to different IPs (assuming we are talking about the firewall) ? I’ve CIS config to Proactive and tunned some settings for the max alert and every time it pop-ups i read the instruction it gives… this allows me to know what is happening and decide what to do…

Well D+ has a stupid habit of askin same thing over and over even if you check “Don’t ask again”.

Hey RejZoR, can you pls give us some examples of this so that we can fix it. Can you also pls tell us your version number and your OS etc…
thanks for your help


This is a long ago (speaking of months here) reported problem, related to the important system files/folders.

Defense+ won’t remember the given answer, either allowed or blocked. It will keep asking the same. Not just for one application, but for as many as require access to the important files/folders.

That is one of the reasons why I stopped using COMODO.

I came to check if it has been solved or not, and for my surprise or not, it hasn’t.

If I well remember, when I first encountered this problem and came to the forum check whether or not someone had also reported it, I saw a thread where a moderator got in touch with a developer telling what was the problem for such. I believe the developer goes by the nickname of egemen.

So, by now, this should had been fixed. It clearly hasn’t.

Perhaps, you should get in touch with that developer of yours, and ask him/her why it hasn’t been solved. And, if the reason why hasn’t been solved is due to lack of information, why that same information hasn’t been asked in the forum so that users could give more information, if any to provide?

Guys, I don’t know what’s about here. I have CIS fully enabled (every single checkbox is ticked), Safe Mode for D+ and Firewall and it doesn’t ask me same things over and over, it remember my answers and it doesn’t annoy me with unnecessary pop-ups.
On my Vista64 Ultimate SP1 works flawless. I’m waiting with patience AV to catch D+ and firewall in efficiency and that’s it.

It only proves that you don’t know how to use COMODO 88)

And before anyone disparages my comment, look at this topic:

You can either follow what the thread above is discussing or you can set CPF to Supress D+ Alerts 88)

Why don’t just use the firewall only?You will still have protection .It’s hard to find even a paid product as lightweight and easy to use firewall.
Wait for version 4 for better usability

I think that the problem is that many people do not know how to use CIS.
So it might be a god idea to have a “How To” section in the help, and include all the tips and tricks

Thanks Bizarre™, but for me is the other way, I just know how to use it to get almost no pop-ups or errors. :wink:

I’m running CIS 3.8 with FW in “Safe Mode”, AV real time scanning enabled, Heuristics scanning level on “High” and D+ set to "Safe Mode, “Image Execution Control” set to “Aggressive” and just recentlly added *.dll to the “Files to Check”. I for one get very few pop-ups from D+ with the exception of the *.dll files do to my change. I primarily get pop-ups when doing a new install or upgrade. When I first started using Comodo CFP with D+ I too thought I was getting duplicate pop-ups of the same type which turned out to be false. If you read the entire pop-up you will see that the pop-up information is not identical. The so-called attempt to create change or modify can be from the same application but different files and or the same file including registry entries but needing access to different parts of an application. So in essence D+ is doing exactly what it is intended to do and that is to notify you and give you the option to allow or not the changes being attempted. If you know the application is safe during an install or upgrade set the application to “A Trusted Application” which eliminates most if not all pop-ups.
I hope this sheads some light on the subject.
Oh, and by the way I’m running Windows XP Pro SP3 no other security other than on-demand MalwareBites and SUPERAntiSpyware…

Exact same situation with my Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1 computers. No complaints, no problems, and popups only when installing or uninstalling apps.

Or in the case of Defense+, a lot of applications will want access to numerous registry keys. You may have told it to remember a single key, so when another pop up occurs asking about changing or creating a registry key, if you look at the key number, it’s a different key.

At this point, you can define the application as a trusted application and it will stop asking you. (That is if you trust it of course…)

I bet most people believing that D+ or the firewall pops several times for the same stuff is having a hard time understanding that all those alerts are different each time…

Eg, one for opening that Dll, one for executing that and one more for it trying to take controll over whatever.exe…

Anyway, I think this guy is claiming that there is some error in D+ popup handling in a special case…

His conclusion is CIS gives many of the same popup for the same application… If I understood it correctly he did not turn the app off between the runs so guess this is not the wanted behaviour… =)

I’ll have to agree with doubtful on this one guys… who would want a firewall that works? ???

What do you mean? If you suggest it don’t work as planned please post a live sample (it can be anything ex skype) and your settings and it will get fixed…

CIS pops more than others by default, but offers more protection… and is not as leaky… Depending on settings you can get even more or less popups for internet access… =)

I think that mjj09 may have been sarcastic :wink:

Not sure though :slight_smile:

Uhhh, yeah… being sarcastic. Comodo has been producing the most consistent, top performing Firewall for (how many?) years now? Crying over CIS notifying you a potentially dangerous action may be taking place is stupid.

If you don’t want to be annoyed, turn down the settings (open yourself to a larger risk), mark the program as trusted, or tell it to remember your choice. 88)

Right on man!! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in along time.

( of course it’s sarcasm guy’s! ) ( mjj09’s post, not mine ).

To Doubtful… the original poster of this thread. I’m sorry your having troubles, I understand.
Your gonna have to take a hard look at what’s going on, read the notices, see what they are telling you.
Heck, every time I fire up a particular Java site of mine I get several notices, all telling me about different IP’s that gotta get used.

And I’m glad to know about it. I don’t want this Java pgm to have the right to just go ahead anytime it wants, which I could let it do with Comodo’s tools and then I’d not get any notices. My choice. Choice is good.