Comodo no longer starts on sys boot

I apologize if this topic has already been posted, I searched but could find nothing on this forum that explains a solution to my problem.

I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit and installed Comodo (firewall only) and everything works great with one exception, Comodo does not startup on system boot anymore.
I am guessing there is a conflict with Win7’s privileges but am not sure, is there a work around that will solve this problem?

One suggestion is check what malware/AV scanners you have that starting up at boot time. You can use whatever the equivilant of XP’s MSCONFG startup tab in WIN7.

Uncheck all items in this malware/AV category and reboot and see if Comodo starts by itself. If it doesn’t, then this is not you problem. Otherwise, re-checkmark each item individually rebooting each time until you find the culprit. Then consult the software manufacturer support for possible solutions.

Another possible source of conflict is your AV scanner settings assuming your not using Comodo’s AV. Many have an option for a quick boot time scan. Turn that off and see if Comodo starts up at boot time. The same also applies to other malware software like SuperAntiSpyware, etc…

Hopes this helps.