Comodo NIPS

I have posted it in the v5 but to wait for Comodo 5.0 to come out that will take yrs? i don’t see the point now?

anyways for Comodo 3.0 or at least comodo 3.5 to have a feature called NIPS kerio has that feature.

And what is NIPS?

Network Intrusions Prevention System. Being a former Kerio user, I know ;). I really don’t see that much of a benefit since most firewalls have its built-in capabilities that are similar to this. Even CFP’s attack detection & prevention module sort of fit into this category. It’s like a blacklist database to protect against known network attacks.

Thanks for the information soyabeaner!

Hey Soya!

Can’t you write a good article about NIPS to Wikipeida. It doesn’t hav any under Network Intrusions Prevention System. Whenever I come up with a new terminology I use Wiki. It has a article on HIPS already! K Thanks!

Lol. I’m only good at searching info, not to write it up. Besides, I think wiki already has one on NIPS.

Edit: Oops! That was on Bugs Bunny nips.

Here’s the real wiki NIPS.