Comodo Newsroom Download Link For System-Cleaner Points To Older Release

On the Comodo website at Comodo System-Cleaner Now Includes File, Registry Monitor - Comodo: Cloud Native Cyber Security Platform there is an announcement that “Comodo System-Cleaner Now Includes File, Registry Monitor” and it is dated October 29th.

The article goes on to mention “Like many of Comodo’s tools for PCs, Comodo System-Cleaner is available free over the Internet at”.
The link provided in the news article takes a reader to

The problem is that the product is now at release 2.1.114194.1 as announced on October 27th. in this forum, 2 days before the news article.

I would have expected that in an article expousing a “great new version” of a product, that the link provided for that product would be the most recent release rather than an earlier release.

Perhaps someone can have the download link corrected on the Newsroom page.


John J
San Francisco