Comodo newbie using V3 beta

hi, sorry for not posting this in the beta forums but for some reason i can’t create a new topic in there.

My question is i’m still learning comodo, but it seems when i set up a rule for a P2P program, I have to shut the firewall down completely and reload it up, other it will still block the ports i have tried to open.

Is this normal for comodo firewall?

I’m coming from sygate firewall and this looks like it is the most promising free firewall for 64bit i have found so far!

thanks for any help you can give.

Werdy666 :BNC

Are you sure you followed the proper procedure:;msg45504#msg45504 .

Make sure to put the rule(s) over the block all incoming requests rule.

I noticed a bug in the opening of the ports. Opening only works every other reboot/restart/logoff-login sequence. When it doesn’t work, reboot and it will work. When rebooting again ports will be closed… reboot again and ports will be open…etc…

Yeah i found that tutorial and tried it.

One other problem i am having is that when i have a fresh reboot, the firewall blocks my LAN. I change the firewall security level from Learn safe only to allow all, I get my LAN back.

I then change it back to Learn safe only and i still have my LAN…

maybe i am missing something???

other than that i am so far happy with it! :BNC

Look at the addresses of the LAN as it is set in Comodo. There is a bug in which the address for LAN gets turned around. a.b.c.d. becomes d.c.b.a.

I just read a workaround in which somebody just puts both addresses to the list to make sure his LAN works. It is worth a try.