Comodo new products and licence activation?

I got notified of new Comodo products CIS Complete, Pro and CAV Advanced. Where i can find infos about this products in terms of the differences between them?
Further therenis an introdution about activating Comodo licence? ??? What does this mean? Is Comodo no more free? From which version does this begin?

Comodo Internet Security Premium is always free!It has all protection capabilities like paid version.
But users also can upgrade to Comodo Internet Security paid versions to receive unlimited live expert virus removal services and exclusive Virus Free Guarantee.
Comodo does not force you to pay to get protected. IF you want these paid services, you have to purchase paid one. Just that.

Hi cska133,
As yigido pointed out, ‘Comodo Internet Security Premium’ will always be free.
CIS Versions-Comodo Help

You can also compare up to 3 products from the link below.
Comodo Internet Security Products

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Hey cska133,

And here is a guide for the activation process fyi;

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