Comodo network problems?


Is this something weird from Hungary or your servers and bandwidths are really bad nowdays?
At first, i couldn’t connect to useranywhere.
Second, some of the Hungarian users reported that they couldn’t finish the update process from 2.4.16.x to a 2.4.18.
Third, submit server failed to answer.

Are you under heavy attacks?
You decided to spend less on networks?
You’ve fired some admins?
You absolutly don’t care what our problem is now, because … you can’t tell why?



Is there something going on. We had a major network outage in oz today. When it came back on I couldn’t connect here either, everything else seemed ok. Couldn’t get comodo site to load until late today.
Maybe getting too popular

So, what’s up?

Nothing on our side, gents. All lights green for the past few days.

I’ve had some problems within the past few days as well; Tuesday evening, I think maybe. I could connect anywhere else, but nothing ever happened when trying to raise the forums. Main Comodo website, fine, Support, fine, Forums, nope. :frowning: