COMODO Network Driver VMware compatibility please

HOST only:

I am unable to use COMODO to filter traffic going through my VMware virtual network. Any rules created to block traffic on its addresses will not work. This is because the COMODO driver, which appears under each network adapter under Properties, is not there. It is present on all other network adapters, but not that one. Why isn’t the COMODO’s driver compatible with VMware VMnet adapter?

GUEST virtual machines do not have this problem as their adapters are viewed as generic network adapters by Windows and COMODO attaches to them. Rules are applied on the VMnet from the guest side. But not from the host side.

Example: If I have COMODO installed on both machines:
-creating rules on the GUEST to block ping from the HOST: success - host cannot ping guest
-creating rules on the HOST to block ping from guest: failure - guest can ping host

This ping example can ofcourse be expanded, into not being able to set rules of any type for this network from the host.