Comodo Network Connection Screen?

Hello: I just did a fresh reinstall of the newest version of Comodo.
I am now repeatedly getting this screen on start up (please see attachment)
What is it and do I need it, if not how to stop it from coming up? Thanks

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Regarding The Question You Have Raised, The Briefing Is Been Provided Below:

After restarting, if your computer is connected to a home or work network, then you will be prompted to configure it at the New Private Network Detected! [screenshot attached]

Step 1: Even home users with a single computer will have to configure a home network in order to connect to Internet. (this is usually displayed in the Step 1 text field as you network card). Most users should accept this name.

Step 2: If you wish your computer to accept connections from other PC’s in this network or for printer sharing, then also check this option (e.g. a work or home network). This will then become a trusted network. Users that only have a single home computer connecting to the Internet should avoid this setting.

Select Do not automatically detect new networks If you are an experienced user that wishes to manually set-up their own trusted networks (this can be done in ‘My Network Zones’ and through the ‘Stealth Ports Wizard’)

You must click OK to confirm your choice. If you click on Close button, all the network connections will be blocked.

Since You Have Mentioned That You get The Message After Every Restart We Can Try Disconnecting The Network Cable Once And Restart The System. Once Again Reconnect The Cable And Try Restarting The System And Update Us With The Results. And We Need One More Clarification Regarding The Image You Have Pasted. We Don’t Find An IP Address On The Image. So I Would Like To Know Whether You Removed It From The Image and 've Attached A Pic For Reference To Show How It Will Appear With An IP

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If your network is already defined as you prefer, check the box ‘Do Not automatically detect new Networks’. This will stop CIS from showing this popup each time you restart your computer.

I dont remember deleting anything in the pasted window.
Thanks for the tip on stopping it from coming up but before I do, I just wanted to say, I do have another pc in another room, does that matter?
Also, I use Crossloop to connect to and from my brothers pc, does this matter?

Click ‘OK’ instead of ‘Close’.