Comodo needs to implerment a bug/issue tracker and a similar wish list tracker


Comodo needs to implement a bug tracking mechanism.

Common ones they could use.

They can introduce another section within it for wishlist tracking.

This will allow all of us to identify the bug status and will allow Mod’s, User’s and especially Egemen and his team to have a more structured approach rather than having to trawl through huge lists of forum topics.

Melih / Egemen apologies if you have already been down this road.


Yes, reported bugs need to be tracked and the forums are not really a good vehicle for that. It’s
fine if bugs are reported in the forums, but once bugs are verified, they should end up in a tracking system so they will not be forgotten and hopefully fixed someday.

Al (sigh) Adric

I agree. And Flyspray is one of the best I have used. It’s very small in code, very fast, and does want you want it to do without the hideous bloat of bugzillia.
The website is here:

and a real working site is here:

(I love linux)

Do they actively fix bugs there?

Filling a tracking system with bug reports is only part of it. The bugs also need to be addressed and
the system is doomed to die if there is no activity or feedback from the fix team side.


That’s the issue :-(.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be active feedback on fixes and hence the perception that bug fixes are not being implemented.

Therein the need to implement a better feedback mechanism than the forums for the dev’s.
User’s should be able to get

  1. Fix / Implementation Progress and version in which the defect would be fixed.
    … (standard defect tracker functions :slight_smile: )

And Dev’s to update

  1. Priority of the defect / patch / feature
  2. Version in which the defect / patch / feature would be fixed.
  3. Status - Cancelled, Rejected, Accepted, Closed …
    … (standard defect tracker functions :slight_smile: )


That would be the ideal situation. My impression is there seems to be resistance from within, for reasons unknown to me, to free up the resources to handle this. IMO, one/some of the dev(s) has/have all the strings in his/her/their hands and is/are spread to thin to find the time for such a tedious and sometimes ungrateful task. You really need people involved in the maintenance of the product to handle the bug tracking/fixing side of it. I wish I had an answer to make it better.

Al (repeating myself) Adric

(At risk of flogging a dead horse) how about this.
(sincerely hope one of the Internal Comodo team reads this and posts feedback)

We need not depend on one dev owning the reins, we could work it at it from a community angle using the beta testing board members. I am sure many of us would be okay to support the entire activity, including moving posts from the board into the tracking system.

Since the Internal testing team already do the QA they could spearhead the activity of ensuring the internal stages of the defect cycle.

So that will leave the dev’s to only accepting, rejecting and marking as fixed.


Its a pity no response was received from anyone of the core Dev team - Should I be closing down this topic ?


Not Closed… so why does it say it?