Comodo needs to focus on one or 2 products at a time.

I want to give my full feedback to comodo. I think they need to focus on only the internet security still and the alerts… Making all kinds of products is going to set you back far and i’v recently heard that they are adding an anti virus cloud into the 2011 version of comodo. Don’t you think that’s to soon? You still need to work on the basics of the regular anti virus engine and the alerts we need them more user friendly.

I think you guys are going way fast on everything you need to SLOW DOWN!

why slow down?

cutting other projects doesn’t increase the speed or quality on these projects…
they are independent products developed by indepedent teams who are fully staffed.
The products are taking their courses for improvement etc etc…

So, sit back and enjoy the ride :slight_smile: Its a fast one :wink:


This same topic has been brought up countless times. There are separate development teams, each with a dedicated team leader, that are assigned to work on only a certain product. Stopping the production of some products will not improve CIS at a faster rate than it already is.

EDIT: Melih got to it first. ;D

Maybe CIS dev team needs more people seeing as it is the main product of the company? I know comodo has about 500 employees ( world wide or us only??) so how many programmers does CIS have? With more programmers not only can you work faster but you can work better. Each bug/problem can get more thorough attention seeing as each programmer is not trying to do lots all at once.

That has been brought up in the past too. Melih assures us that there are the right amount of developers working on each product, as too many staff working on one product can actually decrease their efficiency on improving the products.

Thank you all for your replies languy99 and especially Melih. This new cloud av and the behavioral blocker will this decrease the chances in user having to answer pup ups?

the cloud Av yes, now only will it identify bad files but also good ones so they don’t get sandboxed when they don’t need to be.

The behavior blocker, I’m not sure where that will fit in, but I suspect a part of the sandbox where it will watch what the program is doing in the sandbox and can warn you that it is behaving like a piece of malware and should be terminated and all files it created deleted. To me this is the only place the behavior blocker makes sense to go.

Too many Dev’s working on a single project is just as bad as not enough, so adding more won’t necessarily make it develop faster.