Comodo needs to close (windows error) at end of update

I had a running Comodo V7 (I think) install on a old Window XP system until I booted and it ran the virus updates after being dormant for several months (everything still OK here). Then it asked to install an update about 30 minutes later, I assume a version update. But it seems to have failed as Windows displayed an Error “Comodo needs to close…” on top of the installer restart window. I tried to reboot but the system was frozen and it failed to shut down properly…hard reset. Now it fails to load Comodo, and I get the same “Comodo needs to close…” error. Also get it if I try to start Comodo from a Desktop Icon.

I tried to uninstall, but I get “fatal error during installation” using Add/Remove or Revo Uninstaller.
I tried running MS’s DebugView, but nothing seems to happen; all I get are empty .file files.
What can I do to clean this up or start over?

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Well, evidently Comodo is still kind of running…just got the error, twice, when I submitted this post.

Hi ccrider2,
I suspect you are running an older CPU which may not have SSE2 support, this could be the reason the program update fails as it is a requirement since version 8.2 AFAIK.
CIS doesn’t start on CPU without SSE2 support
What version of COMODO can be installed on Windows XP SP3 - 32 bit ???

I would uninstall the existing version if possible, then cleanly install version 8.1 and disable the automatic program updates.
This can be downloaded from the external link below.
Comodo Internet Security

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Yes it’s an antique :wink: …INTEL X86_FAMILY_6_MODEL_8_0 - PIII - 1GZ

Uninstall of the existing version isn’t possible, as I get “fatal error during installation”.
I assume … just install it in the same folder containing the malfunctioning install?

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Hi ccrider2,
It might be worth considering the advice kindly posted by Moderator Chiron if you are having persistent uninstall issues.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

BTW: I have created a wish direct to Comodo/Tracker, suggesting that the installation process should check for system compatibility before continuing to install or update in the hope to eliminate issues like this in the future.

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