Comodo needs to close, am I still protected?

I received this message before, does this just close my GUI, am I still protected. Am I still protected when comodo says this?

I assume you are seeing this during an update?

Some people have said that (depending on settings), Comodo will enable and start the Windows firewall until it comes back.

Myself, I always unplug my router when I do an update. That solves any problems.

It’s annoying and stupid to have to do so, but what do you want for free?

i have the same problem on start up , i get a warning that states comodo needs to close , sometimes i also get the red circle on the taskbar around the comodo shield. I have tried the diagnostic tool , but that says the system checked and no problems found. when i go into the programme it states all systems are active.

when i reboot it goes away , so i assume it is a ‘glitch’