COMODO needs to add an option to disable Sandbox during installation

COMODO really needs to add an option to let user enable/disable Sandbox during software setup. I just installed v4.1 on my newly installed Windows 7 Pro and right after reboot everything went to hell. The Sandbox blocked almost EVERY DRIVER on my pc and so my mouse and parts of my keyboard all stopped working. I say “parts of my keyboard” because for some reason some keys worked others didn’t. I used the Tab and arrow keys to open COMODO Firewall and disabled Sandbox and cleared the Pending Files list. But I couldn’t navigate to the pop-ups Sandbox kept showing so i just forced a reboot. After reboot my screen suddenly turned off just as the system entered Windows; mouse and keyboard still didn’t work. So I hard-rebooted and this time the screen didn’t turn off but mouse and keyboard STILL DON’T WORK. >:( >:( I had to enable Mouse Keys in the Accessibility Options to navigate my way around and disable Proactive Defense and the rules created in there. Then reboot and surprise surprise, mouse still not working. After messing around for awhile i finally decided to unplug/re-plug mouse and keyboard before reinstalling the drivers. Lo and behold, after unplugging mouse and keyboard started working. :-\ :-\ :-\

As you can see if the Sandbox is disabled by default then all of the above wouldn’t have happened. Now i’m worried that COMODO might have messed up some other system files. :frowning:

Some system info:

  • CLEAN Win 7 Pro 32bit (no software installed, just drivers)
  • G15 keyboard
  • Razer mouse

edit: after checking with logs COMODO did not block USB drivers. my mistake, sorry. :-[

sounds like you got a corrupted trusted vendor list. Please check it, it should be filled. Look in D+ trusted vendor list. Also try going to mics → and run diagnostics → then reboot when it is done. That should fix it.

thanks for your reply . I have tried the 2 things in your post. It seems my Trusted Vendor list is okey, it’s pretty long so i assume it’s “full”? I couldn’t find Razer in there but found Logitech. I also did the Diagnostic but it said it found no errors.

I want to correct/add a few things. Upon reviewing the D+ log, i can see that it didn’t block USB drivers but blocked my Creative(Auzentech) sound driver, Razer mouse driver , MSI Afterburner, and the system file services.exe.

After the installation of CIS is completed, you can disable the Sandbox before the recommended reboot. I usually set up CIS after a fresh installation and then reboot as the installer advises. Your suggestion would save many people a lot of hassle though! :-TU

please recommend your applications here they will get them in the safe list as soon as possible.