Comodo needs a registry scan so it wont miss the malware that gets in there

that would help improve the Comodo as well you need a registry scan so it will find files that are registry keys

Hi SolidSnake,
(CIS) Comodo Antivirus already scans crucial registry keys in the Windows registry.

Are you saying they dont protect reg???!

Critical registry keys are protected via the Computer Security Policy within Defense+.
Protected Registry Keys

+1 I would also like to see COMODO have a BOOT TIME SCAN like avast has that way if anything is waiting to infect your machine it could be detected and stopped before windows loads.

On a technical side note. Files are not registry keys and vice versa. In the registry there are keys pointing to executables in order to start them when Windows starts up. Technically if only the file is deleted the registry entry has become meaningless.

That being said though a clean up of registry entries is a good thing though.

+1 for registry cleaner and optimizer!