Comodo + MYSQL server

I have finally uninstalled Norton Antivirus + Firewall and installed Comodo Firewall and AVG antivirus instead.
This might not be a COMODO issue but after I have installed Comodo I can’t access my local MYSQL server I had installed - even if I turn off comodo.Any suggestions on what might have caused this is very much appreciated.



Hi, I will use this thread, because my problem is similar. I?ve just installed Comodo FW and now I can NOT run my apache/mysql server - Vertrigo 2.14. The v_apache.exe takes 100% of CPU and it?s not working. I put all files (v_apache.exe, v_mysqld.exe, vertrigo.exe) to trusted app list and allow them everything. I am using Vertrigo as localhost server for webdesign nothing is going out.
And the last thing - I run Vertrigo and have about 1minute to BSOD appears and my laptop restart itself. Is there any way to resolve that? I need that app.

I tried wamp5_1.6.6 too and it has same problem, but without BSOD and restart.

but still (L)

sorry for my english …

nobody? pls help, I don?t want to uninstall CPF. Is anybody of you guys using apache+mysql server with CPF installed and everythink is ok? ???

I have uninstalled COMODO firewall to see if it actually were the firewall that was the problem. After I have uninstalled the firewall everything was working ok. AS I mentioned in my previous post when I had the firewall installed and disabled it I still couldn’t connect to MYSQL server. Strange? I would appreciate if someone have any suggestions on what the problem is. I access mysql through localhost and port 3306 & 3307



I have the same problem, even if I kill all CPF services.

Hi johk, welcome to the forums.

Check CFPs Log (Activity tab), if CFP is blocking something then it will create a Log entry stating which CFP component performed the block & what was actually blocked. If you need help with the Log entries, then export your Log to an HTML file & perform a cut ‘n’ paste to here. Remember to hide a IPs that are private.

The way to test if CFP is the cause of your problem, then set CFPs Security Level to Allow All on the systray icon. If it works with CFP set to Allow All, then CFP is indeed causing the problem.


I don’t think this is the same issue as johk as a BSOD if a different thing altogether. However, your Apache server may well have been blocked (thus the high CPU) & on that issue, what I said above will help. Did the BSOD generate a Minidump? If so, then our developers can find out what caused the crash by analysing the dump.

PS If you “kill” any CFP component, then CFP might think its being attacked & you might loose all Internet connections until you reboot.

PPS Sorry for the delayed response guys.

thanks kail, but now my apache server works fine. I didnt realize that could be the Comodo Antivirus (beta 1 :wink: ) doing that … and it WAS. I was trying it for last 5 days … now i have back my old one ;D

So now everything is fine

thx for your help and sorry for this, later i will be more testing and thinking before i post my problem

PS: good luck johk with your problem