Comodo & Myspace

I am having a curious problem using Comodo Firewall Pro 3 and Myspace.

I can get to Myspace just fine, but if I attempt to login or navigate pages within Myspace, the web browser times outs and I am forced to refresh the page until the http request goes through.

I’ve disabled Comodo and accessed Myspace just fine, which confirms the problem is something within the firewall.

I believe Comodo Firewall does not like how the ads on Myspace are served for whatever reason. This is just a guess.

Anyone have any ideas or prior experience with this problem? Myspace is the only site that affects me in this regard. Is there a way to add “” as a trusted site to Comodo?


Comodo dose not have a web shield so not sure if your problem is there may just be a fluke.