Comodo, my idea (date in the rules [sorting], drag & drop)

Hi programmers! (to the authors of the comodo).
My english is poor but i will try say something.

Can you add to the program:

  • add the date (and time) of Bookmark: HIPS Rules, Firewall (apps) Rules with the option to sort the programs by date (Sometimes i want to change the (application) rule but it’s hard for me to find it in the (very big) list so i want to look for the latest date rules)

  • drag & drop files (firewall rules) - I want to be able to drag and drop *.exe files to the program window (special place or icon) to block internet access to the (dropped) program. (Sometimes i have to block access to the internet (firewall block rule) a few files. Tedious to manually add files. I prefer to drag and drop files.)