comodo must have POP ADS JAVA BLOCKER

I think COMODO firewall shuold have more option protect users against nasty advertisement and other exploits.


Good idea! But may be selective. Firefox does this with NoScript.


And Opera has all the above built-in.

Said before and here again: It only makes sense to leave such things to one’s own browser and since it happens at the browser level first anyway

There no use set in unecessary features browsers already has. Every TRUE web browsers has those built-in and shall protect users from exploits. it’s not the job of a firewall to prevent or repair bugs of bad ones…
You can even disable popup and Java with Internet Explorer. Ads are there to support websites and may not be blocked ; or change your favorites to others who doesn’t display intrusives ones that annoy you.

Every programs should do what they are designed for, no more.

Plus there is edexter used with host files.

Well simply by using Firefox, and spybot immunizer (or spyware blaster) dramatically cuts down on ads. However an ad blocker in CPF would be welcome.

I agree with the comments above: Comodo is a firewall, not an “all-in-one” Norton-style nightmare!

Hi Ford

Yep…gotta agree that CFP doesn’t need these extra add-on’s since any browser worth using these days already does just this.
I don’t think it would add any extra layer of protection whatsoever to have the firewall also do this and it’s just more places for an already complex piece of software such as CFP is, to run into issues. There are tons of solutions for these problems outside of the popular browsers that have them built in already, so CFP doesn’t need to delve into these areas also.


Wrong. Software players who thought “this is not neccessary” are already dead. Except of this, ad blocking is a natural feature of firewall. Today’s firewall is not only a firewall (otherwise we would use standard Windows Firewall), but a complete integrated solution. That’s why it contains antimalware module and host protection module. What Outpost definitely lacks, is the adblocking module (very easy thing to implement, it’s only a list) and full antimalware module (detect all viruses, not only hijack programs). If this is implemented, we can talk about Comodo Firewall as a real firewall.

I thought a real firewall was meant to protect you against malware and hackers, not ads, but I might be wrong…


Your 100% correct Rgwing. Thats why there is Firefox with Ad Blocker Plus and No Script. Thats also why there is IE7 Pro plugin for IE. Blocking ads and Java things is a browsers job and not a firewalls job.

Agree. A good free utility like Proxomitron works well with all browsers and need not be a supported item. Just needs permission to access internet.

If you have good browsers (Firefox, Opera) instead of ■■■■■■ IE you will find all the adblock, etc functionality is built in or you will be able to search for addons/extensions, especially in FF.


True, ad/java blocking is not really something that a firewall should do, but as someone who uses different browsers for different purposes, having it in the firewall does make my life somewhat easier.
I use IE for online banking, Firefox for general browsing, and K-meleon for risky browsing.
When I used to use Zonealarm, I could define safe sites in one location.
With Comodo, I have to define safe sites for each browser.

So, while I concur that ad blocking is not truly within the scope of a firewall, I do wish that CFP had this functionality.

Well with CIS (Comodo Internet Security) on the way, We can ask to implement these feature(s) into CIS. Sounds more reasonable & realistic.

What think?


My major (sole?) gripe with Comodo has always been this:
They create a great product, leave it at 90% complete, then shift their focus to a new product, telling everyone to wait.

CFP 2.4 had the problem with forgetting rules; we were told to wait for v3 for a solution.
CFP 3 has interface problems, such as not having an option to switch to Installation Mode via right-click on the systray icon, or proper sorting of rules via clicking on the table headers, or having the Apply button behaving as an OK button (Apply should apply the rules and leave the window open, and OK should apply the rules and close the window.)
Any competent developer can fix the above in CFP v3 in less than a day, but these issues never get addressed.

So now we should wait for CIS.

The price for free software?