Comodo multiple Tabs and WebMail..

Hi ya…

I was wondering if anyone could help please with the Comodo browser?

When closing the browser and I have multiple tabs open is there any way to set it up that it gives you a warning that it’s closing multiple tabs before it closes them?

Also has anyone got webmail notifier to work with Comodo browser if so how is it done please?

Thank you in advance for any help…

Adrian :slight_smile:

Edit by EricJH: fixed the url

When closing mulitiple tabs i don’t think any build of chromium gives you warning i know for a fact Chrome doesn’t.

Some add ons just wont work.
ex. WOT will not work.

Hi ya DarkenCypher…

This is suppose to work with chrome browsers and I try to install it but it comes up with error message:-
Invalid value for ‘permissions [1]’.

Don’t know if you could help with that, much appreciated if you could…

Adrian :slight_smile: