Comodo Monitors Turn Themselves Off

Hello. When I turned on my computer today, I received three error messages from Comodo stating that its three monitors had been turned off. I tried to turn them back on but couldn’t. The solution the messages suggested were reinstalling Comodo, which I did. However, on reboot, after I re-installed, Comodo once again gave me the same three error messages. Why?

Thank you.

Since you didn’t say what things you have tried I will suggest some possible options.

  1. If you have any other security software you might try disabling it before you install the firewall.

  2. Install the firewall in Safe Mode.


Well, this problem seems to be a constant one with Comodo, referring to what I’ve read here on the forums, so I thought it would be recognized right away, without the need of details. My Comodo firewall had been running for about a week, possibly a little more. There are no other security clients running, not even anti-virus. The only change from last night to today was an addition in RAM. I added about 2GB to the 512MB that was already in there. Could an addition in RAM cause Comodo to stop working?

Or how about a virus? The only problem with that theory is I just installed a new AV and it reports no viruses.

Thank you.

On some windows installations more than 2GB of RAM can cause problems. For 32 bit I think normally 4GB is the theoretical maximum (just what I have been told, correct me if im wrong) but there have been many reports of 2GB causing problems for some people.

This may not be your problem but it seems too coincidental to dismiss. I think you need to eliminate some possibilities:

  1. You could try re-installing CFP and see if it is any better.
  2. Try removing the extra RAM to see if that fixes it. If the latter is true you may need to look at sticking to below 2GB of RAM.


Hello. Thank you for your post. I found out though that a trojan virus is to blame. It keeps disabling my firewall.

Did you get rid of the malware yet? If you need assistance you could post the name of the malware you have found here and someone may be able to help you.

I am sure Comodo would be interested to know what malware has disabled the firewall - if possible would you be able to submit a copy of the virus (in a Zip file) to:


This board was created specifically to address malware removal issues…

I’m having a helluva time trying to remove it or even find it. It apparently disabled the Comodo firewall but couldn’t get through anyway because Comodo is smart and cut off all internet access. I tried running another firewall but that one was not only easily disabled by the trojan but also allowed it to get through, onto the internet.

When or if (:SAD) I find the original source, I’ll try to attach it.