Comodo Mobile Security VS 360 Security

First point: I Love Comodo but i found too many issue in the Comodo Mobile Security.

When was released Android 5.0 Lollipop the previous version crashed many time, and i just wait some month before to see the new release compatible with Lollipop.

Now the new release has a icon bug and that issue after many alert to Comodo and 3 updates are not yet fixed.
The Official reply from Comodo Support was at the end of the past week a new release with a fix will be on the store… well, update received but BUG still be present.

I have removed Comodo Mobile and now I AM using 360 Security for Android.
Here i not have icon issue as in Comodo, also I can suggest to the COmodo STaff to try this Application because is awesome!

360 Security it’s free and protect from the overheating of the phone. It’s amazing this function also provide An App Lock… yes Comodo has too but here is different. The security program suggest to block some App after a while for make better safe the privacy!

Also it’s great it provide free torc and very nice alert, graphic… ecc and on the Test antivirus software for Android - January 2023 | AV-TEST 360 protection is full 6/6 also seems the Phone is more faster than with Comodo.

As i think Comodo is the best I hope to can change idea in the future and see better Mobile Application with BUG fixed in short time, faster performance, nice alert and cleaning, temperature monitor and optimization. You have to try 360 for Android is amazing.

Hope this message can help to Comodo Mobile to improve.

360 mobile security used to be great (it’s still 6&6), however since a certain update it got “heavier” on system resources - resulting in slower GPS position locks, slower phone responses, etc.

If one does not need all the extras and just a VERY light (yet highest ranked) AV only - Bitdefender Free Antivirus.
Antivirus (or anti malware) is about identifying / cleaning malware (on Android cleaning is uninstalling …) not about calls and sms (for which I use aFirewall) filtering or clutter cleaning.
(for clutter cleaning which does not end up with damage, like casing HERE voices and updates to stop …, I’m using e-clean not 360 or clean master).

Yes but will be nice if the program to use will be Comodo Mobile Security.

I have stopped to use this for BUG not fixed… and now … i discovered 360 Security helps me to maintain the Phone colder, protect privacy, clening phone and phone is more faster than before. Antivirus protection seems to be good.

Hope one day i can think Comodo Mobile Security is the best.

Security is not about cleaning, or calls and SMS filtering.
For Comodo to get better new versions and betas ought to be tested on regular basis - so you suggest that others will share the load of testing and you will wait for it to get better. Further more you suggest this approach to others on Comodo Forum which are likely to think otherwise.

BTW: with Comodo, phone gets warm when scanning (full scan or scan past installing an apk). I’m not suggesting that 360 does not scan, however different scan logics results in different CPU (battery) usage. Most cloud based scanners (Bidefender free antivirus among) are lower CPU consumers. It’s not a bad idea to scan via cloud (since most installations should be when connected). As for safe browsing - this is sort of common issue : if an antivirus or an anti malware product does support safe browsing it’s only good with ROM default browser. Keeping in mind that almost all network related applications are using http / https (with or without SSL) and that all other non ROM default browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Opera, and more) are not protected, safe browsing is sort of a fiction.

Thanks for valuable feedback. Our team working hard for develop right features with better user experience. Actually Status bar Icon issue has been solved but it is in BETA stage. Please check our beta version.
We are going to release new featues with upcoming releases.