Comodo Mobile Security V 3.0 BETA Release

Actually download from link is optional. If you do that you should upgrade by yourself again with link.
If you become a tester in our Beta User Group. You will get update automaticly.


Only virus update worked

P.s … if Comodo won’t have the privacy advisor module ported … you shouldn’t bother updating any thing … it’s the only thing making you stand out …
Good luck .


Uninstalled , installed again … worked ;D
Very light … faster scan …
But still … I want my privacy advisor , permission control & Firewall.

Thanks for your feedback.
Actually CMS going to focus on only Security based features.
So we have another way to Protect Privacy. So Please try AppLock as well and fallow coming features…

How to Get BETA Versions
We are using better way to get Beta version on time. This way support OTA update trough Google Play Store.

Step 1: “Join Request" Go to Comodo Mobile Security Beta User Group

Step 2: “Become a Comodo AppLock Tester” Go to Google Play Tester Link

Or Download it from:
Comodo AppLock Beta Version Link:

Before Install Comodo AppLock application please Disable “Real Time Protection” in CMS V 3.0 Beta version

How to Disable “Real Time Protection”
Launch CMS->Side Drawer->Settings->Real Time Protection (make sure checkbox non-selected)

Please share your valuable feedback.


Thanks Murat
That’s not so good news … though I respect your choice …
What’s applock and why is it better than a ton of them out there …

CMS had something special going , now you’re being humbled to applock type of app??

Anyways I’ll be glad to join you in testing your betas .

I don’t know how significant this is …
But this logo looks mighty familiar … doesn’t it ???

Is it safe to install the beta ? My Mum just got a new tablet, I installed the current version of CMS 2.7.4 for her Android 4.4.2 Tablet.

I think I will hang fire until I see a good response that V3.0 is running well and is out of beta :slight_smile:



When will be relased CMS 3.0?

The version 2.7 had a lot of problem with Android 5.0 it crash many time.

We are going to release official version soon.


NO firewall, and no call block? previews CMS was better than this one

Actually new Comodo Mobile Apps more focus on user experience so we have new 4 apps which is more focus on right feature with right benefit to improve user experience.


Comodo Mobile Security 3.0 Release