Comodo Mobile Security reporting malware in "Google Play Services"


recently CMS started suggesting that I delete “Google Play Services” (“GPS”) because it contains malware.

When it first reported it, a pop up window appeared saying that Android.SmSpy.~A had been found within “GPS”.

Now I don’t seem to find a way to show that information on the screen again, only what is shown in the attached screenshot.

It seems strange (maybe not impossible) that “GPS” contains malware as it comes directly from Google.

And it seems to me that deleting it is not an option, or I would be locked out of the Google Play market…

Have you experienced the same issue?

Is this a false positive?

Android and App data:
Android 6.0 on a Motorola X 2nd edition
CMS version 2.8.2
Virus DB version 60

Thanks for any help & comments that you could provide.


Malware could of got locked on to one of your programs did you maybe download something questionable ? Malware can lach on to other programs that we know are good programs so maybe you downloaded something odd or went to a questionable website and got some malware downloaded because of it.

Thanks for your comments.
Would you recommend deleting “Google Play Services” through CMS, or just doing a Factory Reset?
“Google Play Services” doesn’t seem to be a downloadble app from the market…

I’ve seen almost the same thing, just only saw the GPS focus once. Then, two weeks later, saw similar error message (minus the GPS reference) today.

Is Comodo flagging Google Play Services b/c it intercepts SMS messages? I ran a manual scan with Comodo after, it found nothing. Then, ran MalwareBytes and it found nothing.

Comodo message: Google Play Services Malware Type Android.SmSpy.~A

It prompted me to uninstall, but it couldn’t, and wanted me to change Google Play Service root status (which wasn’t even listed in the configuration). Running Android 6.0.1 on Galaxy S5. Never rooted it. Always restrict apps to Google Play Store. Careful about what goes on.

This sounds like a bug that Malware Bytes used to have…