Comodo Mobile Security Removed From Google Play Store

as I discover Comodo has been removed from Google Play store I have uninstalled it and I Am using for now an alternate software.

I see also has been removed for now, it redirects to
Hope when all issue fixed to know what happen before come back to comodo.

Comodo I love you but very bad your app has been removed… from Google Team. This can mean something of bad in your software…?. I think.
Wait for know more.

Hi peopleinside,

We’re looking into this right now.

I’ll respond to you shortly.


Thanks I will wait your response.
Also I discovered as alerted in other post if the Comodo Firewall was active Google Play Store was unable to download or update Apps so I hope when Comodo will be back have not again this issue.

Comodo as a FW developer, adopted default of block all. One only needs to unblock Google Play and Google Play services.

This has no sense to me. I think you are wrong. Is not possible… has no sense a Firewall once activate block all internet and app traffic as default.

How do you get the weather app (accuweather} on an samsung tab s unblocked? There is no option! ie this needs more time devoted to it.

lyn I don’t agree with you but thanks for your feedback. I think the Firewall is working bad for someone who think like you or maybe a comodo Staff will see this is a real issue to solve and so maybe your message here are not fully exact as I hope. Sorry, again I don’t agree simply we think different. Don’t want discuss this again. I will wait first, Comodo Mobile can return to the playstore seconds see if Firewall will be fixed.

I also don’t know if you have an Android phone and you are using the Firewall of Comodo and you never have issue but also if you have Samsung or different brand. Maybe you cannot see this issue so you write what you write… and maybe if you was able to see the issue will be more clear.

there can be 2 options as to why

1)Comodo messed up
2)Google messed up

Answer: both. lol

Interesting, now all link on website relative to the mobile version on Google store has been removed from Comodo website this let me thing before Comodo will be maybe back to Google play store a lot of time is required.

I think for be removed and not soon resumed there are serious reason. For now no news from Comodo.

It’s back!

I AM not happy to see Comodo not relase any news about. For now I have finded an alternative also for PC. After this I have removed all Comodo product. Maybe I will be back later… Comodo is good but is not serious way not tell nothing about this kind of issue 4 day without hide program in the website and google store. All official link in comodo to the mobile app temporary removed and no news about what’s happened.

I AM really happy to know program is back… for now now I have different software but keep loving Comodo, not what happens and the total silence about motivation.

Hi All,

Great news!

Google have put Comodo Mobile Security back into the Play Store:

The latest version is available here:

We are glad you all love the product and we’d love it if you would add to the already good reviews on Google Play. The product currently has a 4.6 out of 5 Star rating and with your help I’m sure you can make it soar higher! :slight_smile:

We apologies for any inconvenience this brief Google Play store outage caused.