Comodo Mobile Security - New Version Released (V 3.4.3209/3.4.3210)

Hi everyone,
We have released CMS new version. (V 3.4.3209/3.4.3210)
What’s Fix;

  • Powered by version
  • Tablet Support

Previous Version V 3.4.3205
What’s new;

  • Virus Engine Update
  • Android 6.0 Call Blocking Support
  • Android 6.0 Dynamic Permission Management
  • New Design - Improvement
  • Add new Animations
    Improve Scan Process pages
    Device Status Page - new!
    Improvements Card View
  • Firewall (Android 5.0 and above)
    Address based Blocking
    On-demand configuration
  • Secure Browsing without Android 6.0

What’s Improved;

  • App Performance increased

  • Bug fix


Sorry but 3.4.3210 is the last beta version. I have installed it.

We distribute same package with two different versions.
V 3.4.3209 %80 distribution
V 3.4.3210 %20 staged roll out distribution

Thanks for adding tablet support for tablets,now need to do the sane for anti-theft as its incompatible.

Hello guys! I want to report that cms has disappeared from google play…

Hi, thnks for feedback. We start to communicate with Google Play.

Hi filiz.gokce

Is firewall support not possible for Android 4.x or have you just chosen 5.0 as a base to work from?


What happened to the CMS app? it has disappeared on Play Store

Why deleted CMS from Google Play?

If you look 3 responses above mine you will see a response from Comodo staff. There is no need to ask the same question multiple times after getting a response already.

some other way we can get it well it is not on google play right now ?

Hi, if Comodo is not in the store can be for some security reason so maybe need to wait. If CMS has serious issue who make Google the decision to remove is better wait.

Also there are issue with the Firewall of Comodo Mobile who once activated block all app to be updated or download from Google Play Store.

Comodo as a FW developer, adopted default of block all. One only needs to unblock Google Play and Google Play services.
I don’t know why CMS is off Google Play, but it might have to do with the above …

I think you are wrong. What you say has no sense. If is like you say when you activate Firewall all Internet traffic is locked. Sorry think you are wrong and no sense Firewall block also system app and important app like Google Play Store who keep the phone update and secure.

It’s a shame you prefer to make personal comments, perhaps some reading about FWs will make you change your mind …
I’ll reply only on this thread to avoid “noise”.

(I’m aware that on Android it seems reasonable not to apply block all by default, however this is common FWs default policies. If default policy is enable all / pass through, it’s likely most users won’t block all the stuff that is better blocked.
BTW: it’s very useful to have a complementary feature that shows traffic and what applications / services were blocked - so that users can block or enable what they wish. If default policy is to enable then traffic or usage can be used to figure what to block, if default policy is to block then blocked list can give a clue what is better enabled)

If Comodo Mobile Security add a Firewall that should know safe application like Google Play Store to authorize. Is inammissible that user download the Security Software Activate the Firewall and All Updates stop to work.

That’s all.

Is like download an Antivirus and for security block all app on your phone and you have to whitelist what is OK and you want work.

From the test of new Firewall feature is not working well on Android 5.5 because make phone break. For now the issue is relative to Google Play Store.