Comodo Mobile Security - New Beta Version Released (V 3.4.3100) New

Hi everyone,
We have released CMS new BETA version. (V 3.4.3100)
What’s new;

  • Virus Engine Update
  • Android 6.0 Call Blocking Support
  • Android 6.0 Dynamic Permission Management
  • New Design - Improvement
  • Add new Animations
    Improve Scan Process pages
    Device Status Page - new!
    Improvements Card View
  • Firewall
    Adres based Blocking
    On-demand configuration
  • Secure Browsing without Android 6.0

What’s Improved;
-App Performance increased
-Bug fix

[size=10pt]How to get new BETA version?[/size]
1)Join Beta User Group: Please click below link then send us “Join Request” our Beta User group.
Join Us:
2)Become a Tester: Please click below link to join our beta testing program
Download app:


great job guys!

I cant install official/beta version on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, it says that my device is not compatible.

Android 5.1.1.

Please, could you say me how can we test secure browsing?. Thanks.

I have exactly the same problem on my Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70 tablet with Android 5.0.1.

Hellooooooo… Anybody out there ?

Secure browsing working with Chrome browser, when you enable secure browsing then open chrome you will preview a toast message on screen.
Please use below URL address;

New beta version will release at 26th of May.

Thank you :-TU

filiz.gokce, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Is this not compatible with tablets?I get your device isnt compatible?

That’s also the problem I have with my tablet.

What tablet do you have?

android 5.0 rca viking pro 2 in 1

CMS version 3.4.3204 is already available.

I obtain the same message with last beta version on Galaxy Tab 4.

My device is not compatible.

I noticed on google play above where it says device isnt compatible it says designed for phones?

Yes, it says it.

That’s the problem with using Google it decides not you.

Never had any problems running CMS on my tablet with previous version posted here.


3.4.3207 available