Comodo Mobile Security - New Beta Version Released (V 3.3.3003)

Hi everyone,
We have released CMS new BETA version. (V 3.3.3003)
What’s new;
-New UI
-Call Blocking

What’s Improved;
-App Performance increased
-Bug fix

How to get new BETA version?
1)Join Beta User Group: Please click below link then send us “Join Request” our Beta User group.
Join Us:

2)Become a Tester: Please click below link to join our beta testing program
Download app:


Hi Murat, could you please share the .apk file?
I am not interesting in all these beta member process…





А почему бы не выложить в открытом доступе для зарегистрированных на данном офруме .apk файл? Так-то проще было бы получать отзывы.

Why not put in the public domain registered in this ofrume .apk file? That’s the way it was easier to get feedback.

Thanks for the translation :slight_smile:

I realise they want hits for downloads through, but as I absolutely refuse to go there I have to use the 2.7 version.


Actually there are 2 reason to not share .apk file.
1)We prefer to publish BETA trough Google Play and let fallow all issues in BETA users Group. (Almost 400 members)
2)There are lots of 3rd party market place to publish .apk files easly so we have seen problem about BETA version have been published another app store by another users therefore it might effect company reputation.(we have informed 3rd party market to remove CMS which is not official published by Comodo-this problem solved!)

How to get .apk more easier
Please send me pm “Become a Beta Tester”(subject) and provide gmail adress then i will add your email into Beta user group so you can easly install BETA version trough Google Play.

Thanks for your understanding…

Hi MuratG,
To me it does not come a new version and the beta version. On Google Play can download version 3.1., Is not new comes. I am a beta tester. From Russia.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve restarted my mobile and it helped ;D

Sorry if that is your final word will have to use something else.


Please do the official APK file. On Google Play the old version.

We already switch to new BETA testing method. So you don’t need become Comodo Beta User group member!
Just click below link and install CMS.


The new version 3.2.3003, but Google Play write to me: “This application is not compatible with your device”
Previously, there were no problems, what happens?

Tablet Lenovo A7600-H

Sorry for inconvenice! We are going to check this issue asap. I will let you know result!


Hi,the same thing says"Your device is not supported"
My device Samsung GT-P3110, Android 4.2.2

As I have no need for call blocking as it is of now (I have Should I Answer? installed). I have call blocking unchecked yet I still receive notifications!

Guys why you don’t update virus definitions?