COMODO Mobile Security for Android v2.3 is now released on forum

Hi dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v2.3 on Android is now released in forum.

IMPROVED! Check for virus database update automatically.
NEW! Send email notification automatically when battery is at low power level.
NEW! Calls from unknown number can be added to blocked list.
NEW! More languages are supported.

Product/download webpage:

size: 8093701 Bytes
md5: 15d1468bf0df06d375be86d9da632751
sha1: d6481f3b231d7e5bd2f94ab22527471101e2777d

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Running it now… :slight_smile:

The NEW! Calls from unknown numbers can be added in a black list.
what here the new?

+1 Exactly, how does it work?
I’ve made few malicious calls from an unknown number to my device (1 ring and hang up) and I didn’t get any prompt from Comodo to block it.

there is only to add in the manual. Import from records of calls, Import from the records sms.a here isn’t present such that it was possible to choose to block all except from contacts of the note book


Which Languages are in this Version

Installed. Thank you, herbzhang

Thanks for the update :-TU.


make it transparent and more OS like…
This is not acceptable (icon in taskbar)… Like a finger in the eye :-\

Just want to say that there was long time without database updates…

It’s NORMALLY long to be updated. I wonder how long the wait was this time? The “normal” long is 2 to 3 days!

New version? CMS 2.3.291759.97

Looks like it. Possibly the release version which would show up at the App Store soon. :slight_smile:

Ok i have had this installed since 2 nights ago, now is says that there is a update for CMS, so I do it and then it down grades to 2.2, this is very confusing, so I removed it and put 2.3 back on but it still detects this down grade. Can you fix this please?

Also can you explain to me why your updates for virus definitions are always taking ages?

I ask developers to recheck everything much that it doesn’t work the anti-thief

Released at Google Play:

Yes, updated :slight_smile:

great job guys!

Who knows when changes will be big in Comodo Mobile Security? functions blocking of SMS and calls and anti-thief

What is the specific content you want to change?

Can you tell me in detail?