COMODO Mobile Security for Android / DB File (Private Space)



that file can still be opened with a text editor and the content (SMS for example) is easy to be read. Where is the security?

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Thank you for rising this up. We can add this to roadmap as an improvement.

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An improvement, yes. But Comodo is not the only one to backup sms in text/XML format.
For that matter, default on the phone for sms storage is XML. There is no security, other than yourself.
Please don’t gripe at Comodo for doing what Android and other well established backup apps already does every day on every phone. But feel completely free to suggest improvements. :slight_smile:

Thank you for considering me:

John, Are you serious? That’s like saying that Nissan does not have to put tires on their cars because the first wheel was made of stone.

My report was for constructive purposes. The tool is cool for me and unfortunately I have no way to improve it.

Have a nice day. :azn: