Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v2.0.275481.10 is now released on forum.

Hi dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v2.0.275481.10 with base 86.0 on Android is now released on forum. CMS v2.0.275481.10 is completely redesigned touch friendly and task oriented user interface.

What’s new?

1. Network Firewall (root needed)
Automatically block unnecessary connections to the Internet

2. Privacy Advisor
Quickly find out which permissions are requested by your apps

3. Apk Manager
Manage your Android installation files

What’s improved?

1. Improve Scheduled Task
Schedule tasks to run at specific dates and times

2. Enhance the protection performance
Refined AV Engine Scan Algorithm to improve the detection effectiveness

Sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support all our products! Meanwhile, if you guys have any feedback or good suggestion for CMS, please feel free to tell us!

Product/download webpage:

size: 5753891 Bytes

md5: 0744af56bdaeff311c6998ffbda3a1c4

sha1: 81be4faba471227a1accd69fd395c141ad4e6131

Best regards.


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First LOL! Amazing upgrade Comodo staff. I love it! Keep up the good work! ;D :-TU

excellent work guys!

Well done! Loving the new version! It’s even running better than the pre-released version! :BNC (:CLP) :viva:


There’s a typo: Schedual should be schedule.

You should consider adding the superuser permission to requested privileges, as per good dev practices (firewall).

Have you considered adding roaming control like AFWall+ has?

wow what a choc !!!

very good job.

nice add to go to more list like blackberry OS10 for return to home page who stay visible on the left

Also, how come Droidsheep is detected as malware, but dSploit isn’t even risky (not detected at all)?

This version is 2.0.275481.10. The version I have is pre-released version which is 2.0.274960.10. When I check for the update it says up-to-date. Do I need to uninstall and install the new one or shall I wait for the update? Thanks.

Congratulations on the new release :-TU.

Quick question, regarding the firewall. Are all apps allowed access by default? (i.e by being highlighted in green).


Hi, please uninstall the 2.0.274960 and install 275481.
Now you can get this version only by downloading directly, update is not available right now.

When it will be available through playstore? Its easy to download/install through playstore.

I can download from forum but not from comodo mobile website i.e when I go to website on laptop the website shows 2 tabs, download from comodo & download from googleplay but when I browse the website on mobile it shows only 1 tab downlaod & download takes to googleplay, any info?

Samsung S Duos
Preinstalled Browser

Wow, excelent work, congratulations ;D
Testing Now

What is the difference between these links?
Version is the same, but the checksums are different.


When will you add Other languages

Just installed this update. Will test and let you know how it is.
I’m still at work so cannot do much at this time.
Am looking forward to playing with this release.
Thank you, Fanny.

Done! Thank you very much! ;D :-TU

will be available in play store in several days, we need to prepare some materials to update the page on the play store ;D

They are the same to you.

I’ve been testing this version with mixed results. It will not detect the files from either on download or a full scan.

CMS will detect some of the test apps from Google Play such as but will not detect this one:

In fact, after installing and running the Trustport test app I found odd behavior from CMS. When I would tap the CMS icon it would not run at all. Instead it would load the Trustport test app or some other app that was currently running. Until I feel more confident in CMS I will be sticking to Avast Mobile Security.

@Fanny: Can you give us the lang pack? Thanks and nice done with CMS 2.0