Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v1.5.256740.9 with USSD Attack Filter is released.

What I meant was Google Play gives you version 1.4, but if you install it then CMS should update it to the latest version, checking product updates CMS mentions its up to date that means autoupdate is still not pushed for the version 1.5 & its been 3 months since this version is out. This is not good after 3 months still they haven’t released autoupdate for version 1.5 from previous version.

Manually checking in CMS is not auto updating. But I understand what you mean by not finding an update to use.
DL from the Forum and update manually. I do, haven’t given internal updating a thought btw. (that’s just me).

It looks like Devs dont care much about CMS threads. No reply here from Devs.

John, thanxx for all your support & precious time.


I don’t think naren is worried about himself. naren knows to check the forums to insure he has the latest. it’s other cms users out there who don’t know to do this. but really why should anyone have to come to a forum to have the latest release? if you check for updates in cms itself and it can’t find the latest update after 3 months then that sounds like a problem for a lot of users. even the more thorough users who know to check for updates on comodo’s product page for cms probably wont think to check a forum. yeah you can call them dumb, lazy, unwilling to learn or ignorant but bottom line is you have cms users out there using an outdated version for 3 months. if comodo’s working on this then great but if not then I call them lazy for not trying to make sure their users have the most up to date version out their to protect users who are counting on cms.

PM has been sent to Fanny with these concerns.
Let’s await a reply.
Thank you.

Alas! this version released on Google Play yesterday.

Is the autoupdate from previous version released too?

What do you mean, update from previous version?
Play Store only keeps one version for DL, the most recent uploaded to it

I meant Google Play had 1.4 & Comodo was at 1.5 but didn’t released autoupdate from 1.4 to 1.5 through CMS.

Now 1.5 is released on Google Play so is autoupdate also released from 1.4 to 1.5 through CMS for those who had installed 1.4 through Google Play so that their version will be automatically upgraded?

Confirmed! Version 1.5.26807.9 which is a upgrad from 1.5.256740.9 as of yesterday appeared on the Google Play Store. Whether you have 1.4 or on your phone, it will show as “Update Available” in Google Play. If, like me, you have it set to “Automatic updates" it will automatically download and install the update. I’ll make a new sticky topic in a few if no one has done it by then. Looks like this version included further scanning capabilities as it now scans every file on my SD Card.



You mean if CMS 1.4 on phone is set to autoupdate then it will autoupdate to 1.5 i.e Comodo have pushed autoupdate now through CMS?

Does Health Check scans SD card?

The update, so far, hasn’t been pushed in CMS yet but I expect it will be at some point in the near future. I check my apps for updates regularly and I have “Automatically update” ticked for my important ones like Opera Browser and CMS on the play store. You don’t have to access the store, just turn on the background data and it’ll update itself. I think it took a week or two when 1.5 was released on the forum before it was pushed in CMS.

[EDIT]: The “Automatic Updates” box is ticked by default when you install CMS so you should get updated just by turning on the background data.

The Health Check doesn’t scan the SD card and perhaps it should prompt you automatically for a subsequent full scan but it does seem to run a little faster.

I’m also doing tests to see if the previous issue regarding the Traffic Monitor crashing or delaying CMS is fixed yet.


I’m keeping that option off as I am currently monitoring traffic both with a usage app and JB has this built in.

I found out that my mobile service provider has suspended the breakup. So I tried Comodo Cloud and it worked. You backup your contacts using the sync feature. The initial backup took awhile but works so I’m using that now.

I’m also using the PhoneUsage app to keep track of my data. Incidentally, the traffic monitor is turned off by default with the latest CMS version.


I too think traffic monitor should be enabled by default.

And currently you have to create password separately for different modules like antitheft, app protector, etc… & GUI lock is also not there. If GUI lock would be there it will be easy like CIS password protection in Windows/Computers.

Well, after testing I still had to disable both traffic monitor services to stop the CMS startup crash on my phone.

I don’t think that a GUI password is the answer. I do prefer having separate passwords making it that much more difficult to disable a part of CMs. I have noted that you can still turn off the security service in COS via the settings and I think this should be better protected though it only disables the virus detection.


can you improve the comodo compatibilite it’s not compatible whit Samsung GT-S6500D, Bq Edison, LGE LG-E400, Samsung GT-S5570, sony ericsson xperia mini etc…
And the first version of Comodo Mobile Security was compatible whit my first android phone Samsung GT-S5570 now it’s not compatible and now can’t use comodo. :frowning:

Traffic Monitor should be off by default, not on.
This service has the downside of slowing CMS considerable when first entering the app. If you really want it on, by all means, turn it on (after a while, you’ll see what we are talking about). But (hopefully) never as default on.

I agree now, traffic monitor disabled by default is fine coz traffic monitoring is for mobile internet, right? And not everyone use mobile internet, some always use wifi.

But when I had it enabled I never saw slowdown either with the device or with CMS opening or navigation.

But if the slowdown prob is there with some devices it should be resolved or any incompatibilities related to slowdown should be resolved.

It is my (guess) the slowdown is due to reading the ever growing data (traffic), the longer it runs the slower it gets.

Dear Sirs,
My CMS was updated to v1.5.269807.9.
So, is it possible to get a link for downloading the new version?
Thank you!
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