Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v1.5.256740.9 with USSD Attack Filter is released.

Hi, dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v1.5.256740.9 with USSD Attack Filter on Android is now released on forum.

What’s New?

1. Added USSD Attack Filter

  • Provide “Comodo Security Dialer” to block USSD attacks which may perform a factory reset or some other attacks on your phones.

2. Added Traffic Ranking per App

  • Provide real-time ranking of mobile broadband data traffic used by every application everyday.

What’s Improved?

Improved AV Engine Scan Algorithm and user experience to improve the detection effectiveness.

Sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support all our products! Meanwhile, if you guys have any good suggestion for CMS, please feel free to tell us.

Product/download webpage:

size: 2.64 MB (2777269 Bytes)
md5: 135bdc09dad76194ad2ba3d10b3b24f1
sha1: d49e6aefd13fa35f4ccad88e49c1f07bd6c3aa5a

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Thank you!
But, it has v1.5.256740.9

WOHO! WOHO! WOHO! Finally! Thank you ;D :-TU

Thanks Fanny and CMS team :-TU

If someone wants to test their Android device whether if it is protected from this USSD vulnerability, visit this webpage on your phone scanning this QR code. (this is harmless TEST provided by ESET).

Mod Edit:
QR code image removed, link to original provided in post below.

Link to the original QR image for ESET

Please do not post wild QR images as users don’t have any idea where these came from.
Providing the link to the original test at least shows it on the original page so the user can decide for them self to scan it.

Thank you, Fanny.
No updates found within CMS. Manually updated from above link.

Very nice build I have to say. Well done to all concerned.

excellent work guys!!!

When automatic update will be pushed?

Still no automatic update pushed.

PM Comodo staff directly if you want an answer it’s the best way to do it. I say about a week or more. That was the case with others.

DL the apk file and install manually.

Hi… (Take Photograph Problem) On HTC One X

I had a problem that when i test the anti theft (take photo) feature with (demo Button)… It showed the (Read) button and after pressing it it will show the message: “You look great today. How I know? Because you look great every day.” and the device converted to silent mode.

[font=Verdana]BUT at the end; it couldn’t take the photo and it showed the message: “an error occurred please try again later!” kindly note that the mail settings is correct as I received the verification mail on my Gmail…
I tested the same version on Samsung Galaxy S3 and the test was successful…
kindly note that I had the same problem on my old HTC Sensation…
Is that problem only related to HTC or what???

I need this feature…
Pls help…

When will the ability to block unknown or anonymous callers be added?

I have a question. I’ve scanned about 600 infected apk for Android using both CMS and CIS 6 under Windows.
CMS detected 290 infected apk and CIS 501. How’s that? It’s all about unpacking and CMS will detect the rest while running or something else?

Probably not. I suggest you to PM Fanny and send undetected samples.

I’ve sent Fanny 2 ■■■ in the same day and a link to the samples and I received no answer :frowning:

Google Play still shows version 1.4.252863.8. If this version is installed will it autoupdate to the latest version 1.5.256740.9?

Why the latest version is not there in Google Play?

This is not good. 3 months have been passed after the release of this version & still no autoupdate to this version from previous version 1.4.

I installed 1.4 from Google Play & tried product update & it mentioned up to date.

Can I ask why this version is still not pushed through autoupdate?

Don’t worry about it, Naren.
Not all apps are updated via Play Store.
Some require you to go to the author’s site.
It is not mandatory nor required that apps be updated via the Play Store.