Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v1.4.248577.8 with SD Card Scanning is released.

Hi, dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v1.4.21594.7 on Android is now released on forum. In this version, we added SD Card Scanning for AntiVirus feature and made some improvement.

What’s NEW?

  • Add ‘Full Scan’ Option in AntiVirus to include your SD card scanning;
  • Improve System Health Check and AntiVirus User Interfaces.

What’s improved?

  • Enhance the virus data base to cover latest malware;
  • Provide feedback channel in settings.

Edit for version v1.4.248577.8

• Improved full scan to detect more file types, not just apk files
• Improved alarm feature by preventing headphones blocking
We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support our CMS on market and let’s looking forwards to next coming versions!

Product/download webpage:

2,54 MB (2.668.058 bytes)
MD5: 0A49DDAB831D6415658BCC62262C003D
SHA-1: 536180DCC2CAF8AC20EFD02D99D45B53459404BA

Warmest regards,


Updated to include the latest version. Eric

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You guys most of the time forget to mention the word beta for a beta product.

So out of confusion, is this a beta or a released product?

Hi, dear Naren,

It’s not Beta.



Thanxx for the info Fanny.

Hav Fun

Great improvements. Thank you very much.

excellent work guys!

CMS has become the security solution for Android!

;D Hurray, wait a long time for the SD card scanning~

It is a great product. Thanks for new version :-TU

Congrats. This is a great update Fanny!

Wonderful that you took my concerns on board. (SD cards)

After testing it a little bit I have to say I am impressed! I do however have some questions. The SD card scan is done awfully quick, so quick I have doubts that anything on the card is being scanned at all. Scanning a 4gig SD card in less then 5 secounds I kid you not! Nah somethings amiss. Another thing why no file names when scanning the SD card.

It scans only infectious files on the SD card. (files that may deliver infection to android).

Great app! :wink:

When i can see the ‘Battery Doctor’ funtion?

The SD card scan did scan .apk files found on my card. Was slower than scanning the internal memory.
And it is a 2Gb card.
Are you sure there were .apk files on your card?

It won’t be integrated with CMS.

The battery saver is a separate app.
Found here.

Does not include ‘Comodo Battery Saver (CBS)’ in CMS? ???

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v1.3 doesn’t even back up full sms/call logs. It backs up private contacts/sms/calls only.
Lots of room for improvement, but integrating a battery saver into CMS is not one of them.
Battery Savers are not security products.

Nope there are none. Oh so erm yep! Guess that is why my scan was quick then. Wait apk files from apps and does that not include apps that have been moved to the SD card or not?

Hi, Patrice58, only the apk files will be scaned. When it starts to scan SD card, it will show “prepare to scan SD card” kind of text and it lists the location of the file. Please check.

Thank you very much.