Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v1.3.20002.6 beta with Backup Feature is released.

Hi, dear friends,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v1.3.20002.6 beta on Android is now released on forum. In this version, we added Backup feature and made some improvement.

What’s NEW?

Backup feature allows you to backup/restore Apps, Contacts, SMS Messages, Private Space and CMS Configuration to/from the SD card.

What’s improved?

Enhanced the virus data base to cover latest malware.

We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support our CMS and let’s looking forwards to new coming features!

Product/download webpage:

size: 2.11 MB (2,215,782 bytes)
md5: a9f580d0e19b0a0c24f2e1cedf6568f5
sha1: 5fe0bddb0b0f07d453212b470ea35f4d7088c497

Warmest regards,


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Hi Fanny

Thanks for the release :). The backup feature sounds like a great idea :-TU.

Can you explain a little how the backup feature works. Say for example, I re-install a new rom (say CM7) and I’ve taken a backup of my contacts, apps, etc. Can I use CMS to restore apps/configuration as they were prior to installing CM7?


Yes, it can be used in that way. There are some other cases, for example, restore the data after the phone is reset to factory settings.

Please try this feature and give us more suggestions.
Thank you very much.

I have noticed that backed up apps appear individually as *.apk files. Not knowing anything about this format, do these files store the apps configuration as well? (within *.apk file). If so, to keep things tidy/secure, maybe backup all apps into one file (say apps.cms). This file can then only be opened/accessed within CMS and the required apps restored.

A scheduling option for apps/contacts could be usefull. Say, automatically backup daily, weekly, monthly, etc to SD card.


A scheduling option for apps/contacts could be usefull. Say, automatically backup daily, weekly, monthly, etc to SD card.

+1 :-TU for adding back up task to scheduler

Also I want to have integration with Comodo Cloud to make online back up.

Could this backup feature also include backing up call logs and calendar events please?

+1 for calendar events :-TU.


Yes, we didnot encrypt the backed apps. Thank you for your suggestions. We will try to improve them.

Hi, guys, got them. Thank you very much.

calendar events and scheduled task~~~~

+back up of emails… :slight_smile:

I would like to see something like Avast’s “Privacy Advisor” showing access rights of installed apps.


define access rights please

I moved the topic to the CMS beta board.

Hi John

As shown in attached screenshot.


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There is a stand alone app (or can be a plug-in for AppBrain) called Ad Detector.
This also shows what you are describing. This does not have to be running 24/7. It can be disabled and run only on demand.

Something like this I can go for provided I have the option to use it only on demand if I wish.

+1 :-TU