COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) 2.2 is now released in forum

Hi dear guys,

We are so pleased to announce that Comodo Mobile Security (CMS) v2.2 with base 94.0 on Android is now released in forum.

NEW! Chinese is now supported.
IMPROVED! Enhanced detection for Backdoor/GinMaster virus.
FIXED! App/database updater shows “Update Failed” error when it is already up to date.
FIXED! Phone goes into silent mode automatically after a missed call.

Product/download webpage:

size: 7323183 Bytes
md5: 7d28339c6a2ff7df5937af44021c1db2
sha1: 5b68dfc427b101b692b926b077a964c7d7e7ac25

Best regards.


The issue wasn’t going into silent mode after blocking calls, it was after a missed call.
Please verify that the fix is correct for the actual issue.
Thank you

Until the actual issue/bug is resolved, CMS is not worth installing.

That’s exactly the fixed issue.


Thank you, but I will have to let someone else test before I risk any further lost calls.

When the Google Play version will get an update?

In 2-3 days depending on forum feedbacks.


Great news on the release! Certainly long awaited! Just downloaded it and the update works, haven’t had time to check the “going into silent” yet. The Cache Cleaner in the Optimiser still doesn’t appear to be showing any apps with cache that need cleaning but other than that it’s running smoothly.



not going to test this. missed so many calls because of this.

Goodwill -
It’s hard to build / earn. but easy to destroy/loose .

so I’m thinking about move to avast. loosing Goodwill is not good for any product.

Silent mode issue seems to be fixed, at least on my phone. Android 2.3.5 ZTE Blade.

I think what we could do with is reassurances thst an issue this big won’t hapoen again. It might be an idea to bring back Beta versions as the CMS Beta board hasn’t been used in awhile.


Well… I guess picture says it all.

[attachment deleted by admin]

And the other languages? For example Italian that I have translated?

The Italian will be added to the CMS inside, please rest assured.


And what is this the German Translation

I’m not sure what your photo is supposed to say or maybe I can’t see all of it?

It’s all I get when trying to start CMS, it has turned into a black screen simulator for me, tried rebooting and reinstalling and checked the hashes of the apk.

reverted back to the version of CMS that is in the store and it works fine, then tried to install this update again and CMS is yet again a black screen simulator… so now I’ve reverted back to store version again and I’m staying there.

Using an Asus PadFone (first generation) which is running Android 4.1.1

I’ve mentioned it to the devs in a PM today. Hopefully, if it’s something they are aware of it’ll get ironed out before CMS 2.2 hits the Play Store.


I just realized that if it’s not fixed before it hits the play store it will update me to a version that doesn’t work. :-\ I’d rather have CMS turn my phone into silent mode when I miss my call!

Fear not, you can backup the apk using the built in application manager which puts it in the //comodo/backup/app folder on your SD card.

They seem to have updated the forum apk so downloading and testing that now.


Current forum version is 2.2.288243.74 with signature 94. Appears to be performance tweaks or something I’ve yet to discover. Silencing issue fixed as with the previous version.


Interestingly, if you get a call where they hung up after one ring, the number shows up as a blocked call in CMS. Further calls from that number are allowed but this is an anomaly. Not sure if it’s supposed to happen or not but at least it records it so you can add to blacklist of you wanted.

Time to head home from work.


It was in CMS since 1.xx
I’ve already sent an idea of the improvement of this to the devs.