Comodo Mobile Security 3.0 Release

It wasn’t reachable in play store, now it’s again available

I see no way of reporting a FP which is a bit weird. Another thing is having most of the features hidden behind a paywall. I think from that I can see the way CIS will be going…

How often are virus definition updates released? Does Comodo Mobile Security do cloud scans in addition to definitions?
Why don’t you enter in the app also the day of the release of the definitions, as well as the number?

Is it possible that Comodo Mobile is so disappointing in terms of protection?

Watch this video:

Guys, I’m using comodo on my cell phone, I want to know if it’s reliable to use it on my cell phone.

Guys, could anyone tell me if it is reliable to use the commodo on a cell phone?

Friend, no one has talked about the subject so far, they haven’t answered our questions, I’m still waiting.

It’s not been updated in a long time and Google Play Protect built into android should identify any bad apps but it’s always good to have second opinion on android and it’s light on the system. I’ve not used it for some years as I favoured Sophos for awhile but you can always give it a try.

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Thank you my friend, I will uninstall it from my cell phone.
I will leave the CIS on the PC, I believe it is safer than the one on the cell phone.

Comode Mobile Security 3.0 was built / released in 2015. The last update was in January 2024. Will a new version be released in the future, with more and better functions? Such as checking messages (spam/phishing), blocking calls etc.

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I’m waiting for someone to respond on the subject but I don’t think anyone uses Comodo for cell phones.